2 ingredient face masks for glowing flawless skin part 2

avocado. Actually, there must be a secret behind it to make it an integral part in so many natural skin care remedies. The secret lies in avocado’s attributes as you can see: it is extracted to moisturize your skin and palliate the wrinkles on your face efficiently thanks to its rich content of amino acid, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Especially, when being combined with honey, this mask will become a great moisturizer for normal or dry skin as it is supported by the humectant properties.

Ingredients needed are: an avocado and some honey
First, use a spoon to take out the pulp in a half of an avocado
Then you mash it well with a fork
Put in this paste a teaspoon of raw honey and mix them thoroughly again
Apply this face mask on your skin for 20 minutes and then rinse it off with clean water.
Follow this process several times per week to get shiny skin
Something you may be concerned about are you can replace avocado with a banana, and if you don’t have honey, simply apply the avocado pack on your face. It is still effective!

These two high-protein ingredients are not just a rich source of nutrition to energize people every day but also potent combination to boost the strength of your face skin. In other words, they are really suitable to make DIY 2-ingredient face masks for glowing, flawless skin. In this remedy, while the gram flour plays a role as an excellent exfoliant to brighten and lighten your skin, ward off acne and decrease the excess oiliness, the potato is packed with natural bleaching properties which can reduce the blemishes and help fade the dark spots on your face skin.

To make this face mask, you will need gram flour and potato
First, you will need to prepare 4-5 teaspoons gram flour in a bowl
Then add the potato juice into the flour (to get potato juice: wash and peel a medium-sized potato, grate it, smash the pulp and get extract through a sieve.)
Mix these 2 ingredients well to get paste
Done, you will apply this mask evenly on your face and let it there for 20 minutes until dry
Wash it off with clean water after that.
You can follow this process two times per week for a clear and clean skin.
One more thing: if you don’t have potato, you can use cucumber juice, buttermilk green tea, plain yogurt, coconut water or rose water instead. Your face mask is still of high effectiveness.

face masks for glowing, flawless skin, then you must not ignore these things: coconut water and milk powder – integrated into so many skin products to bring about extremely smooth and healthy skin for women. You may not know that the mixture of milk powder and coconut water can be a powerful recipe helping you mitigate the pigmentation as well as boost your complexion so well.

In the milk powder, there is a high level of protein and lactic acid and these properties are like anti-aging ones to help you call back your youthful skin. Besides, coconut water is in charge of providing you glowing complexion and lightening your suntan thoroughly. On a regular basis, if you can exploit this mask’s benefit, your light and glowing skin is nothing untouchable.

Prepare enough coconut water and milk powder to start

First, you will need 1 teaspoon milk powder in a bowl
Put a little of coconut water in the milk powder
Use a big spoon to stir both of these ingredients well
Done, you apply this face mask on your face and neck evenly
Until it gets dry, you wash the mask off with tepid water
Apply this method several times per week for the best result
And if you don’t have coconut water, you can replace it with some lemon juice for the same effect.

cucumber is an indispensable part of every beauty tip because of its effective hydration and cooling effect. It also helps to lighten your skin with the ability to palliate the suntan and fade blemishes away, besides giving you a glowing complexion. Packed with astringent compounds, cucumber can become a great skin toner.

But your skin will be more gorgeous than ever when combining cucumber with turmeric. In some studies, turmeric appears to be a potent ingredient in maintaining the skin tone and rejuvenating your skin. It is loaded with high content of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties, so your skin breakout will be treated excellently to give you clear and flawless skin.

Because this is of the DIY 2-ingredient face masks for glowing, flawless skin, so what you need are 2 ingredients: cucumber and turmeric

To start, you will put 1/2 of a cucumber in a blender to blend it well
Then you will add into it 1/2 teaspoon ground turmeric
Now, you got it – the face mask for the desirable skin. What next is spreading this kind of face mask on your face skin and let it sit for 15-20 minutes
After that time, you will wash the mask off with clean water
Because turmeric can stain your skin, so it will be best if you use this mask at night before bedtime
Apply this mask on the face several times per week if you want to see the excellent result fast.