a guide to easter baby showers

Special Situations
All new babies deserve to be welcomed. Here’s how to handle those special situations that may raise a few party planner questions.

Welcoming an Adopted Child - An adopted baby brings with it a different set of circumstances and the type of celebration and timing of it may have to be adjusted from the traditional baby shower format. Here are the factors you’ll need to consider.

Showering a Second Time Mom - Why should only first babies receive a shower? A second or later child is as eagerly anticipated as the first. Celebrate those later birth order children with these party and gift ideas for the parents who already have the basic necessities from their first arrival.

Organizing a Baby Shower at the Office - A shower at the office can go a long way toward building team spirit, but the etiquette involved in this situation is a little bit different.

Baby Shower Centerpieces
Centerpieces help to set the festive tone for any party. At a baby shower, they help to focus attention on the prospective guest of honor.

Baby Shower Centerpieces - Easy ideas you can adapt and create for your party.

Make a Diaper Cake - Find a step-by-step tutorial on how to create this combination centerpiece and gift for the mom-to-be.

Baby Shower Games
We know they may seem hokey at first, but baby shower games help to break the ice as well as encourage guests who may be from different generations to feel comfortable sharing their childbirth and parenting experiences.

Save the Memories
Create a guest book that all the guests can sign with their advice and wishes. Be sure to assign someone to take photos and videos to capture the memories for the mom-to-be to enjoy once her baby has arrived