acne problem

Nothing suits my skin ,except Himalayas facewas,I have a lot of pimples on my cheeks,chin and forehead .I Eva have oilly skin and I eat outside food almost every 2nd day so please help me with some good home remedies.

You almost answered your own question. You may follow these steps to reduce your acne. 1. Stop easting outside food. And start taking fibre rich food items 2. If your skin in oily then use clean and clear face wash. 3. Wash your skin with warm water and the rinse it with cold waer. Warm water will open the pores to get cleaned and cold one will close the pores. Wash it 4-5 times a day. 4. Do Not burst the breakouts by your hands, it will first look good but it may leave a spot. 5. Try to keep your pimples as dry as posible and DO Not touch it with your hands. 6. If your acne is still not going, consult any skin specialist and Dont aply any cream by own.

There are a couple of things you can try. Firstly, teatree oil. This is one thing that is very effective. It is strong, so what I do is, rince my face with water and while my face is still wet I put this on with a cotton ball. Another good thing is lavender oil. 100% natural. Lavender has a wonderful smell and its naturally an a bacteria fighter. Most do not have to dilute with Lavender Oil, it is very gentle. Another is Eucalyptus oil. A natural bacteria fighter with a nice smell and no need to dilute. Just rince face with water and while still moist, just go over affected areas with cottonball. With these natural oils, you can also put a few drops into your favorite face, hand, and body cream and even your shampoo.