Activities can help shy children form relationships

Awaken the Child’s Sense of Curiosity
Fill a small box with games or toys that involve interaction with others, and place it among a small group of children, including the shy child. Tell the kids to take turns drawing items from the box. When they finish, direct them to find the children who drew the same items they did and have them play together for 15 to 20 minutes. Call time and have them place the items back into the box.

Pull out a new box and have them draw again for the opportunity to befriend a new playmate.

Get Shy Children Involved in Crafts
Arrange craft workspaces so that children work in groups of two to four. Place containers of materials needed to make the crafts in the center of the group. This will help shy students learn to tolerate other children in close proximity as they focus on the craft.

As children become comfortable having other students near, they may begin making eye contact, sharing and talking with each other.

Play Outdoor Games to Encourage Interaction
Start with games that require limited contact with others and gradually introduce activities requiring more contact. For example, start with games like Catch the Compliment, dodgeball or kickball. As children become comfortable, add games that require more interaction and closer proximity among participants, such as board games and basketball.