anti tan beauty masks for suntanned skin

anti-tan beauty masks for suntanned skin with gram flour, you can get surprised of the benefits that it may bring to your skin: it not just removes the tan thoroughly but also gives your skin a bright and shiny look. According to some studies, using gram in beauty care is an old trick that has been used for a long time whenever women tend to catch suntan symptom. Towards the suntan, gram flour can take its high effect on soothing your skin effectively. The full recipe of anti-tan face mask made from gram flour is as followed

First of all, you will need: gram flour, plain yogurt, some aloe vera gel, spoons and a mixing bowl
In the bowl, you put 2 tablespoons of gram flour in it
Then add 1 to 1,5, teaspoon plain yogurt into the flour
Continue to add 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel
Mix all the ingredients well to get a smooth thick paste
Spread this mask on your skin evenly. You can also apply this paste on your leg or hands as well.
Do this method 1-2 times per week for the best result.

Maintain Bright Skin With Papaya And Honey Face Mask

Going to the next DIY anti-tan beauty masks for skin suntanned, you are introduced about the combination of papaya and honey. This kind of delicious fruit is extracted to remove the suntan from your skin by the using of helpful enzymes presented in papaya. The enzymes in papaya are responsible for slowing down the production of fine lines and wrinkles well by struggling with free radicals. Such enzyme also contains powerful skin-lightening compounds which are intensive in getting rid of sun tan and the appearance of blemishes or scar. If you want to exfoliate or restore the strength of your skin, you should really use papaya. Remember to mix it with anti-aging honey to maintain the moisturized skin during the hot weather of summer.

To make this face pack to do away with suntan, you will need to prepare 1/2 cup of chopped papaya pulp, use a fork to mash it first, then you add this paste 1 tablespoon honey and mix both of these ingredients thoroughly until it gets smooth
Apply this mask on your clean face for 30 minutes and then rinse it off with clean water.

Yogurt is nutritious food for health, especially the immune system of people. Oat is also a kind of healthy cereals providing you enough energy for a whole day activity. But more than that, yogurt and oat can be a perfect couple to brighten your face skin when it tends to be darker by sunburn.

It can be said that this face mask is among the best natural DIY anti-tan beauty masks for skin suntanned because each of these ingredients brings with it certain utility. Oatmeal is comprised of 18 amino acids and hypo allergenic compounds which are very beneficial to repair damaged skin, suntanned skin in specific, reduce blemishes, rashes. Using oatmeal for skin also means that your skin will be free from impurities as oatmeal can provide gentle exfoliation absorbing all the harmful dirt on your skin, besides, soften and lighten your skin well. Meanwhile, yogurt can help to cleanse your skin, disinfect your pores and revitalize your skin texture. The lactic acid in the yogurt can help to soothe your irritation on the skin including sunburn. The antibacterial and antifungal compounds of yogurt are extracted to cleanse your skin thoroughly protecting your skin from being affected by severe outside impact.

anti-tan beauty masks for suntanned skin also not ignore the appearance of these beneficial ingredients. The mixture of these ingredients with masoor daal is proven to be one of the best natural remedies to remove the suntan, provide enough hydration to your skin with aloe vera and exfoliate your skin with masoor daal. Masoor can take strong effect in clearing your skin under the suntan situation. Aloe vera contains plant steroids which are added to soothe your burning and inflammation on your skin excellently. Meanwhile, the tomato helps to rejuvenate the skin your revitalize it thoroughly.

If you want to be free from suntan skin, it is time to do this mask with tomato pulp, aloe vera gel, and masoor daal.
First, you soak 1 tablespoon of masoor daal under the water in 20 minutes and make it like paste
Then, you add in this paste 1 tablespoon of tomato pulp and aloe vera gel and mix all ingredients well
After that, you apply this mask to your face skin and massage it gently
Keep the mask there for 20 minutes and rinse the mask off with water and pat your skin dry.