anxiety/bipolar anything i can do "at home?"

I wake up with severe anxiety and it occurs randomly throughout the day. Severe mood swings also. I just started taking depakote yesterday hoping this will help. Anything I can do at home to ease anxiety and mood swings?

It may be due to the side effect of Depakote drug which you started recently. Consult your doctor about mood or behavior changes, depression, anxiety. Also, do not stop using Depakote without first talking to your doctor.
Take a cup of chamomile tea. It helps calm you down and feel better.
Do meditation and yoga.

I’ve had mood swings and anxiety before I started taking depakote. For about 10 years now I’ve had these issues and none of the meds prescribed have seemed to help. Sometimes its worse sometimes its tolerable. Thank you for the advice, just gotta run and get me some chamomile. It’s hard to want to exercise… But I know I need to :frowning: