Any cures for type 1 diabetes?

A few days ago, I saw something that gave me pause. “British man with type 1 diabetes to receive tests after coming off insulin,” read’s headline. The article goes onto say that, “Daniel Darkes, from Daventy in Northamptonshire, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes seven years ago. But his recent tests have baffled doctors as his pancreas has shown signs of working properly again.”

My first thoughts upon reading this were, “this can’t be true,” and “what’s the real explanation here?” There are many types of diabetes including type 2, LADA, and monogenic. Maybe he actually had one of those types instead of type 1. Usually, tests can determine this quickly though, so why was it not the case with Dan?

British Man Believes He is Cured of Type 1 Diabetes
Daniel Darkes
I live in the UK and I wanted to get to the bottom of things. I managed to get in touch with ‘Miracle Dan’, as he’s been called by his friends. Although he is saving the specific details of his recent test results from the U.S. for an upcoming exclusive interview with another media outlet, he spoke to me and answered some of my questions about everything that has been happening.

What has happened has never been seen before, so I was sent to St. Louis to get tests done. They included a run with fasting for 6 hours beforehand. I was sent there mainly to undergo more extensive tests than could be done in the UK. One such test included a data microchip and physical exercise to determine sensor movement from my brain to see if there was a sufficient trigger in my cells, especially as my body was going into exhaustion mode.

I do a lot of long-distance running and there is a theory that one of my 100-mile ultra-marathons may have shocked my body into producing insulin again. There will be more information coming out soon about the results of my tests.