are cellulite creams safe

Cellulite reduction creams are made of natural substances like coffee, green tea and Vitamin A. Coffee is very effective in tightening the muscles by getting rid of excess water retained by skin cells. In fact, a coffee grounds’ wrap is one of the most effective home treatments to cure cellulite.

Episilk’s Cellulite Cream is one such example of a caffeine-based cellulite reduction cream. Vitamin A helps in skin repair by increasing blood flow to the skin and increasing cell turnover. To be precise, Retinol is a major component in such creams. Retinol is a compound of Vitamin A. It is an antioxidant beneficial for skin’s health, and, so is green tea. It fights free radicals that damage the skin.

In fact, both men and women can use these creams to firm and tighten the problem areas. Creams, that are formulations of natural ingredients, are easily absorbed by the skin and promote blood circulation on skin post-application. Other ingredients in these creams are aloe vera extracts, guarana, rosemary, black pepper and glycol.

They also contain chemicals like aminophylline that stimulates the production of enzymes that help de-solidify the fat deposits, underneath the skin, so that they are absorbed into the blood. The powerful chemical further helps tighten muscles and smoothens out the appearance of the skin.