baby acne what causes it and treatments

Causes for baby acne have not been identified even though it’s a common skin condition. Baby acne is defined as tiny red bumps or pimples that develop on your baby’s face or body. Typically, the acne will resolve on its own, even without treatment. This condition should not be confused with milia, which are tiny white bumps on your baby’s face, as milia is not related to baby acne.

Baby acne will usually disappear without treatment. Some babies may have acne that lingers for several months instead of just a few weeks. To treat this stubborn form of baby acne, your pediatrician may prescribe a medicated cream or ointment that can help clear up the acne. Do not use over-the-counter acne treatments, face washes, or lotions. Your baby’s skin is very sensitive at this young age. You might make the acne worse or cause additional skin irritation by using something that is too strong.

While you wait for your baby’s acne to clear, there are things you can do to help keep the skin as healthy as possible.

Keep your baby’s face clean
Wash your baby’s face daily. Warm water is gentle and soothing. Bath time is a great time to do this. Look for a soap that is mild and moisturizing. When in doubt, ask your pediatrician for a recommendation.

Don’t scrub
Scrubbing the skin with a towel can further aggravate the skin. Instead, gently sweep a soapy washcloth over the face in circular motions. Once the soap is washed off, use a towel to pat your baby’s face dry.

Skip the lotions
Lotions and creams may aggravate your baby’s skin. This can make the acne worse.

Do not squeeze
Avoid pinching or squeezing the acne. This will irritate your baby’s skin and may make the problem worse.