baby safety gates what you need to know

Long before your baby can walk you will begin to look for ways to keep him out of certain dangerous areas around the home. A safety gate can certainly be an effective way to keeping him out of a cleaning closet or bathroom, and from falling down a hazardous flight of stairs. The good news is that these are easy to find, easy to use, and easy to install in the home. Baby safety gates come in either a hardware mountable design or a spring pressure loaded design

your choice will largely depend on where you are using them and how permanent you want them to become. Pressure gates are portable and easy to install at any doorway. They should never be used at the top of stairs because quite honestly a determined toddler could bust through them. They are usually reasonably priced and come in an assortment of finishes to suit any home

they have to be totally removed or stepped over in order for adults to pass through them. This can cause many parents to fall and get hurt, which is dangerous, especially if you are holding your baby. A convenience to pressure mounted gates is that they are portable and easy to bring along with you as you visit Grandma’s house.

Pressure mounted gates also do not require special installation and will not permanently be fixed to door frames. This can mean less repair work down the road. When you purchase a pressure mounted gate ensure that it is sturdy and use it wisely. Eventually a curious toddler will try to climb the gate and a flimsy safety gate will not be much good at withstanding toddler abuse