benefits of breastfeeding twins

High chance of premature delivery
The majority of mothers carrying multiples will deliver early. The March of Dimes Perinatal Data Center statistics show that in 2010, nearly 60% of mothers in the US carrying twins or HOMs delivered their babies prematurely and another 34% had late preterm deliveries (before 38 weeks). 1 Breast milk is completely unique and unlike any other mammalian milk, and breast milk has even added benefits for preemies. Though nursing a preterm baby presents its own set of challenges – such as separation while your babies are in the NICU and trying to build your milk supply – breast milk can mean the difference between life and death with a premature baby. Many mothers of premature babies will give their babies breast milk while they are premature and later decide if they will continue with breastfeeding. (Just a note of encouragement though…it is completely possible to transition your babies to the breast if they were born prematurely and you had to start off pumping and giving your milk by different methods; kangaroo mother care can also help make this transition happen more smoothly.)

Promotes bonding
Twins and HOMs will keep a new mother extremely busy. Sometimes it is harder to bond when you have multiples because of time constraints – there is just more that must be done since there are more babies. However, breastfeeding allows a mother built-in time all throughout the day and night to stop and relax and just hold and feed her babies.

Easier to feed two at the same time
Whether you have twins or more, you still only have two hands. It is much easier to use your hands to hold/support your babies at the breast than it is to sit them down and hold the bottles. Your babies will have more times of physical touch and cuddling which is beneficial to their mental, physical, and social development as well.