Can a 14 year old healthy child with epilepsy die from a seizure?

Yesterday my 14 year old son came downstairs after awakening in a very confused and agitated state, bumping into things, pacing, and very confused…couldn’t speak correctly or understand what I was saying. It was very much like he has acted in the past during numerous sleepwalking events.
I was terrified and started to take him to the hospital, but the “fog” lifted after about 15 minutes or so, and he then remembered that he had stood up out of bed, had a “head rush” and felt himself falling, then vaguely recalled his body shaking violently and he thought he had tried to call for help, but nothing but grunts came out.
I called the pediatrican who scheduled a regular appointment for him, so I sent him to bed. A little while later, when I checked on him, he was sitting up in bed crying, saying “it” had happened again. This time he was NOT acting strangely, just very scared and tired.

So, I took him to the ER. Blood, EKG an MRI were normal. The ER doctor thinks he fainted, because according to him, my son would have NO MEMORY of a seizure.
From what I’ve been reading, this sounds like incomplete information. My son has complained for YEARS about his eyes “getting stuck” in position for several seconds at a time, and I always thought he was being silly. Now I’m wondering if these incidents were partial seizures.
He will be having an EEG, but in the meantime I’m wondering if some people actually DO have memory of seizures after the fact. My son’s memory was vague, but definite. He thought he was dying.
Of course the big problem is, there was no witness to the events.