Can a tea bag cure a stye in the eye?

Tea is an herb that contains antibacterial elements known as tannin. Tannin is a natural anti-inflammatory agent, which reduces swelling and pain in the affected area. The reduction of inflammation is one of the primary goals of eye stye treatments, since the inflammation causes much of the pain and irritation. It’s like the old idea that if you cannot cure the problem, make the patient feel better. And it works. Also, since it harbors a strong antibacterial element, it may be able to keep the area more clean and free of irritants that can make the condition worse.

The warmth from the heated tea bag provides temporary relief from the irritation and itchy feeling people get from styes. They may also rest their eyes more when using a tea bag stye pack and forget about their stye for awhile. It is best to rest your eyes as much as possible when suffering from an eye stye, so you will reduce the additional irritation of red, itchy eyes due to tiredness.
Another reason tea bag stye cures are good is that they produce steam. Steam helps release the eye pus pockets that are retaining the bad bacteria and may serve to soften the skin surrounding the eye and let it drain naturally at a faster rate.
Tea bag stye remedies are inexpensive. If you choose to use this method exclusively, you will not have to go to the doctor and pay doctor’s fees, money for antibacterial medications, and such like. Home remedies are very cheap and easy for anyone to do at home and that is one of the reasons people sometimes choose to use it.