Can anorexia cause arthritis?

Anorexia or Anorexia Nervosa can be explained as a disorder in which affected persons are obsessed with restricting their diet in order to lose weight even though they may be of normal weight. It is said to be the third leading cause of chronic disease among young people.

Anorexia affects persons of all races. It predominately affects more women than men, and studies show it is prevalent among teenage girls and younger children to a lesser extent. Peer pressure, family history, and other factors can cause anorexia to develop. It can also affect a small percentage of men and causes low testosterone levels, reduced bone mass, low sex drive and erectile dysfunction.

Anorexia and joint pain are inextricably linked due to the effects of malnutrition on the body. Studies show that this disorder affects almost every major system but more significantly the heart and bones seem to suffer adverse effects. Signs and symptoms include:

Binge eating
Abnormal or excess levels of exercise
Fear of gaining weight or becoming fat
Some of the organs affected are the brain and nervous systems and can cause:

Low levels of concentration and poor memory
Increase in seizures and other nerve disorders
The heart and blood vessels are affected by:

Swollen hands and feet (water retention)
Low blood pressure
Heart failure