can anyone run a marathon

Running impacts people in profound ways. The impact it has on people extends way beyond the physical. Running has a way of acting as a catalyst for undertaking audacious goals. The impossible becomes vaguely plausible, if not entirely possible.

Additionally, there are some inevitabilities associated with running. It’s inevitable that you will experience muscle soreness. It’s inevitable that you will find yourself markedly fatigued. It’s inevitable that some friends will think you’re crazy. But, perhaps the biggest ‘inevitability’ when it comes to running is considering the idea of running a marathon.

Tackling 26.2 miles calls out to runners like a siren. It’s larger than life. It’s mythical. It’s epic. It’s terrifying. It’s sexy. But it’s not a trivial undertaking.

With marathon season in full swing and the marathon siren calling out loudly to any who will listen, it’s inevitable that those who have yet to run 26.2 miles may start to wonder ‘if’ they’re ready.

If you fall into this demographic and your response to the questions below is largely affirmative, you may be ready to tackle the beast known as the marathon.