Can anyone share their personal experience with Urine Therapy - there seem to be varying views on the subject?

Urine Therapy is not something new, instead it is a time proven method of entirely drugless system of healing and curing host of Diseases which has been continuing from generation to generation. In every civilization people have known the nectar-like properties of Urine. There are numerous references of Urine as a bestowed of heavenly health and super normal powers in “Yogic and Tantric” books.

Urine contains the chemical compounds which are very essential for the growth and maintenance of the health of human body. Indeed it is best natural tonic available in the world. There are some volatile salts in Urine, which are highly beneficial. These salts powerfully absorbs acids and eradicates most of the diseases in human bodies and as result many troubles of the body are cured from their very roots.

Urine is the best remedy for every external and internal disease of the body. It destroys poison and worms of the intestines. It gives new life, purifies blood and clears skin problems. It destroys disease of the eyes, makes body strong, improves digestion and destroys cough and colds. Urine repairs and rebuilds all the vital organs including lungs, pancreas, liver, brain, heart etc. Urine is also effective in dental and other oral troubles.

Urine is the best natural tonic, by drinking Urine, disease of kidneys, liver and bile, dropsy, stopping of sinuses, jaundice, plague and other poisonous fevers are cured. Outwardly applied it cleanses the skin and cures dandruff and is excellent against trembling, numbness and palsy. By applying Urine on body most complex diseases of skin are totally cured and the skin becomes clear and soft.

Urine is the watery part of the blood. Since Urine comes from the blood, it would qualify anyone who drank each other’s Urine provided if it is followed by the proper diet. Urine of a healthy person can be drunk or messaged by any other person who have difficulty or unable to collect his own Urine. A Person can drink Urine of any other healthy person as there is no other remedy equaling to this. It contains healing power which is amazing and a person gets enlighten spiritually which has to be experienced personally.

Mother can collect her white color Urine (color less like water) and give it to her child for drinking immediately after she passes from her body provided she drinks more water and eat only light and balanced diet.

This method can be adopted and Urine can be given to children and other persons who are affected with disease by birth like Cerebral Palsy and mental disorder. Urine can also be given to other persons who are unable to drink their own urine while undergoing treatment and who are suffering from any kind of Chronic Disease or who are diagnosed with Terminal and the final Stage.