can chronic fatigue syndrome come back

Yes, it can, and yes it’s fairly common. A large proportion of CFS sufferers will regain a degree of functional ability, but then go on to get ill again.

In these cases, the CFS follows what is called a ‘relapse and remission’ cycle. I had it for 3 months, then was totally in remission for 3 years.

Then got it again, and had about 80% recovery for 4 years. Then got it again. In otherwords, I relapsed 3 times and had varying degree of remission inbetween.The relapses are usually triggered by something. In my case, it’s viral infections. Hope this helps.

I have fibro, CFS, and IBS. This is the first year in about 5 that I have felt so good. It scares me, because I know something is lurking around the corner. I have more energy the past months than I have had in years, so I consider myself to be in remission, just wish it would last a long time. It’s been a long time since I’ve like this. I wish you good health.