Can cranberry pills detox THC quickly?

There are only a few definite ways to enhance elimination of THC and its metabolites from your body. THC is a fat soluble molecule, so it binds to and within all fatty tissues in your body. If you lose as much body fat as possible, you are forcing it out of the fat, decreasing total body stores, and thereby decreasing the concentration that can be released in the urine at any given time. So exercise, fast, whatever you have to do to drop fat fast. These metabolites are also excreted into your bile. Humans evolved a mechanism to preserve bile acids in the body by reabsorbing them in your terminal ileum (distal small bowel). Once reabsorbed, they re-enter the bloodstream and return to the liver and biliary system to be reused. The problem for us is that the metabolites excreted in the bile are also reabsorbed into the bloodstream with the bile acids, which we don’t want.

So you need to trick the bowel into bypassing this “enterohepatic circulation” process. This can be done by increasing your fiber intake with either food or fiber supplements. Fiber acts as a sponge to hold on to the bile (and toxins) and prevent them from being resorbed so they can excape your ass. Another thing that is rarely talked about is the drug cholstyramine (need prescription), which is in a class of cholesterol lowering drugs called bile acid sequestrants. These do exactly what we want, which is prevent the reabsorption of bile. This is the mechanism by which they lower cholesterol, and how you will enhance toxin elimination. Finally, although drinking more water won’t cause the metabolites to be leached out of the fat, they help by perfusing the tissues well and enhancing renal excretion of metabolites when they ARE released from the fat.