Can gout flare up on the back of the foot?

If you suffer from back pain it may be due to your gout in what is called spinal gout! In a 2006 study, the researchers reviewed some 630 medical records of gout patients and 64 of them happen to have CT scans available. Out of those 64 CT scans, the researchers found 9 of the 64 scans or 17%, showed signs of gout in their spine. Remember that the spine consists of several joints so it’s not unreasonable to think that uric acid deposits can’t install themselves there. In reality, gout can be a generalized condition that can affect many joints in your body.

Symptoms from gout in the spine can include back ache, tingling sensation or numbing and even extreme pain in some cases and it’s relatively hard to distinguish the difference between gout symptoms and infection of the spine. Since the symptoms of tophaceous gout of the spine and epidural infection are the same, they are often misdiagnosed. In addition, gout in the spine can cause neurological symptoms affecting the nervous system. Spinal gout can also be accompanied by fever is some cases.