Can high blood pressure be treated without medications?

Get your own blood pressure cuff.
In addition to getting your blood pressure checked at your doctor’s office, it’s a good idea to check it at home, too. Experts agree the “white coat phenomenon,” or angst in the doctor’s office, can cause your numbers to rise.

“The ideal way to do it is at home in bed when you wake up,” said Dr. Jonny Bowden, a board-certified nutritionist and author of “The Great Cholesterol Myth.” Purchase a cuff at any drugstore or get one that syncs with an app.

Lose weight.
Your risk for hypertension is higher if you’re overweight or obese. Get on a weight=loss plan like the DASH diet, which has been shown to control high blood pressure. Plus, aim to get 2 and 1/2 hours of exercise a week, including at least two days of strength training.

Cut caffeine.
Caffeine is a driver for blood pressure. You don’t have to stop your habit cold- turkey but try to limit your intake from coffee, tea, soda, sports drinks and chocolate.