can i wear road running shoes when running on trails

If you have a pair of trail running shoes that you love, you may wonder whether it is safe to wear them running on roads as well. Trail running shoes are generally fine to wear when running on the roads. However, if you’re doing faster workouts such as tempo runs or interval workouts, you may feel more comfortable (and faster) in a lighter shoe. Learn about the differences found in trail shoes that might m

The main differences between trail running shoes and road running shoes are:

Trail shoes are usually made with thicker materials in the uppers to prevent rips from trail debris and to protect your toes from stubbing them on rocks and other trail obstacles.
They have soles designed to grip the uneven trail surface and protect your foot from rocks so you won’t end up with a bruised sole.

They may have stability features to help keep you from tweaking an ankle on uneven surfaces.
Trail shoes are also usually designed with a gusseted tongue to help keep trail debris and gravel out of the shoe.
Trail shoes are often heavier than road shoes, although there are lighter-weight versions available.