can penis exercises increase length

There are those who would tell you that, just as you can stretch out your hamstrings or strengthen your calf muscles, you have just as much control over the size of your penis. In fact, exercise regimens abound across the Internet.

Some sites show penis stretches that allegedly allow you to increase the length and hardness of your penis. Others suggest penis pumps that force the penis to expand and fill with blood (this is a technique that is sometimes used by those who struggle with physical arousal).

There are some websites that market fitness accessories such as penis extenders and penis hangers (weights you can hang onto your penis in order to stretch it out even longer). And there is the omnipresent prescription of Kegels (while these exercises can improve the strength of your erection, they won’t permanently increase the size of your penis).

Looking at some of the step-by-step instructions, photographs, and videos out there would make even the toughest guy wince and cover his crotch defensively. So you’ll be relieved to know that there’s no point in subjecting your penis to any of this.

The fact of the matter is, your penis does not contain any muscles, so there are no exercises that will permanently increase its size. Fortunately, research has shown, again and again, that penis size is not related to sexual satisfaction.

So if you’ve gone to the trouble of measuring your penis, use that information to find the perfect condom fit, so that you can engage in massive amounts of safe sex.

After that, throw that piece of paper with that number on it in the trash. And focus on what you can do to improve sexual performance in the bedroom (such as asking your sexual partner what they enjoy).

If you do decide to do Kegel exercises, make sure you’re doing them for the right reasons. While they can’t increase the size of your penis, they can help you master greater ejaculatory control, and also change the sensation of your eventual orgasm.