Can someone be allergic to rubbing alcohol?

Problem with using betadine wipes is that where I work, it’s a cheap facility and we don’t HAVE betadine wipes!!! Only bottles of the stuff. So, yes, where I work it IS a problem if you don’t have any alternative. We don’t even use cholrhexidine gluconate either…its too expensive so they won’t buy it…best practices be darned!! Yet another reason that I LOATHE where I work.

Pt didn’t have any LOCAL reaction, ie, no redness, swelling, or anything like that. And it just seemed to me that she was a bit overly sensitive to the smell of the alcohol wipe. As I stated in my first post, the patient NEVER said a word to me the FIRST time I used an alcohol wipe on her skin. Her chart listed an allergy to alcohol, which I took to mean that she was allergic to alcohol that’s found in booze, NOT rubbing alcohol