Can tetanus be prevented by alternative medicine?

Arsenic Album
Tetanus with attempt to commit suicide by hanging. Spasms with frightful contortions of the limbs. Pronounced septicemia – severe blood infection.
Fear, anxiety, tension of muscles, tingling and numbness.

Angustura Vera
In tetanus, traumatic or otherwise, when there is spasmodic twitching or jerking of muscles – catalepsy, with body bent backward. Convulsions. Twitching and jerking along the back, like electric shocks.
Tetanus of infants. Twitching. Sudden startling. Dilated pupils. Staring eyes. Severe convulsions. Rigidity of throat muscles. Jerking of the limbs and severe tension of the muscles.

Is indicated in tetanic convulsions with showing of the teeth from drawing up of the corner of the mouth. Deathly coldness.
Cicuta Virosa
In sudden rigidity with jerking; violent dis