Can tibicos mushroom help to treat a goiter?

Last week, a friend called me up just after I had taken mom to the hospital. The doctor announced the prognosis didn’t look good. My mom complained of short of breath, probably due to the water collected in her bloating stomach (as well as her feet). The doctor said only 50% of liver cirrhosis patients live up to 2 years, and with the cancer added into the picture, her chance is much slimmer. Bear in mind, she’s had her cirrhosis since 5 years ago. So when my friend, Juju called me, she’s heard me distraught, and I told her about the news. She must’ve relayed the message to my other friend, Nanu, as I received a call from Nanu a day later, telling me about this miraculous mushrooms that had helped her friend, Sheila. Nanu insisted that I was to meet this Sheila soonest.

So I called up Sheila, and we’ve arranged to meet. Sheila lives in Puchong, which is 30 minutes down the highway infront of my house, unfortunately I do not know Puchong area very well. So I went there, on my own, during rush hour as that was the only time she was free, and having been lost for about half and hour or so, I reached the destination. Sheila is a very nice lady, and I am very thankful that she’s willing to help me.

Sheila’s story was like this. A couple years back, a friend had called her up to see her. This friend had colon cancer and had it removed coupled with chemotherapy. However, after 2 years, the cancer returned, and this time, it had spread to his lungs and liver, much like my dad’s condition. The doctor told him he had only till December to live by the doctor’s estimation. So this friend sought for Sheila to apologize for any wrong doings he had done before. A year later, Sheila bumped into this friend again. Clearly he had survived way passed December, and Sheila asked him how he was. He told Sheila, the doctor had confirmed he is cancer free. Sheila had asked how, and he told her something, but she didn’t pay much attention as it was not relevant to her.

Then Sheila’s husband had irregular heartbeats, and Sheila grew concerned, so she contacted this friend of hers and asked what this guy took. She drove all the way to Pahang, a state up north, where this guy lives, and this guy gave her tibicos mushrooms and demonstrated how to prepare the brew. After a couple of weeks, Sheila’s husband’s heart condition returned to normal. So she posted about Tibicos in her facebook, and someone commented about how this person’s aunt had taken Tibicos only because she was concerned about her grey hair, nothing more. And this aunt actually had been diagnosed of lung cancer, but her taking Tibicos is only out of vanity reasons, but she too was pronounced cancer free by her doctor. Now I am not sure how valid are these stories, after all, they are just stories without medical endorsements of how this Tibicos work against cancer, but I was willing to try. For my mom, perhaps she could share the same success, who knows, and as for me, perhaps it would help me reduce my weight as it had been perpetrated that intakes of Tibicos drinks could help in reducing cholesterol as well as weight.

So excitedly, I started a biochemist lab in my kitchen. I went to purchase jars, plastic strainers, bottled mineral waters, palm sugar, and what not. I was amazed mainly at how from the amount that I received, it had doubled up within a couple of days. I loved the taste of dry red wine with very little alcohol as opposed to the real red wine. And I took it as my relaxing drink or my treat as I no longer drink wine. But being Muslim, I wonder whether this drink would be constituted as an alcoholic beverage or not, therefore is it haram (impermissible)? I only read somewhere that Kambudcha teas contain about 0.5% alcohol, thus it is not classified as an alcoholic beverage. And in Malaysia, the Malays who are muslims, have this fermented rice dessert called ‘tapai’ that is very common among the muslims, but if left fermented any longer, it would become ‘tuak’ similar to Japanese Sake. But oh well, the intention is that this is to help my mom’s conditions, and mine.

I’ve only taken it for 3 days, but something amazing happened to me, this I can confirm. I smoke, roughly a pack a day. And when I get bouts of flu and cough, my cough would last for a long time, this had always been true since I was small, way before I started smoking. But as of a couple of years ago, I started having smokers’ cough, they usually attack me at night when I am about to sleep. At the same time, sometime at the end of last year, I’ve gone through a couple bouts of cold, the first attack, my cough lasted for a bit, but it went away. The second attack, the cough never went away, right up till the turn of the year, and till the day before yesterday. It got me worried, but it got me even worried to actually have my lungs scanned and to actually find out if I do have something wrong with it. And that first day I received a bottle of Tibicos from Sheila, and I drank a couple of glasses, that night, the cough attack got pretty bad. But the very next day, the cough completely stopped! Not even when I was falling asleep last night, not even today! And it was one of the best sleep I’ve had in a while, and I woke up refreshed. So although it is too early to see how effective it is to mom’s condition, I can say it helped me with my cough.

Now I believe things happen for reasons. And I believe that nothing is coincidental. The people that we meet are with reasons that we meet them, some to hurt us so we can learn lessons, some to show us to a certain direction, some we end up hurting and hopefully learn a few things from, and some is to show us things we’ve never known. And with Sheila, a total stranger to me, a friend and make-up artist for Nanu, whom supposedly only sitting in for another make-up artist at the very last minute and to have met Nanu that day and started talking about this Tibicos mushrooms. And Nanu remembered my mom’s condition, and then I got my hands on some. Prior to this, I have never heard of this thing, never seen them, never knew they existed. So InsyaAllah, (God’s will), perhaps there is a reason behind all of this, one thing for certain, it is a step made to save mom’s life. It gives us hope, and may she is not defeated by her fears.