Can you do normal things if you have arthritis?

Pain is the way your body tells you that something is wrong. Most types of arthritis cause pain in your joints. You might have trouble moving around. Some kinds of arthritis can affect different parts of your body. So, along with pain in your joints, you may:

Have a fever.
Lose weight.
Have trouble breathing.
Get a rash or itch.

Arthritis can damage your joints, internal organs, and skin. There are things you can do to keep the damage from getting worse. They might also make you feel better:

Try to keep your weight down. Too much weight can make your knees and hips hurt.
Exercise. Moving all of your joints will help you. The doctor or nurse can show you how to move more easily. Going for a walk every day will help, too.
Take your medicines when and how you are supposed to. They can help reduce pain and stiffness.
Try taking a warm shower in the morning.
See your doctor regularly.
Seek information that can help you.