Can you get gout after having a stint fitted?

A stent is fitted when an artery is very narrow and restricting blood flow to the heart muscle.

The stent will usually improve the symptoms of angina, but there may be narrowings in other arteries too.

The stent is taking time to settle
These might not be severe enough to require another stent, so you may still have angina symptoms – this is why working with your doctor to get your medication right is so important.

The tablets you take every day should keep most of your symptoms under control, but for any flare-ups you may want to use a GTN spray under your tongue.

Always remember that if resting and using your spray during an angina attack hasn’t worked, call for an ambulance – you may be having a heart attack.

It is also possible that you are experiencing discomfort because the stent is taking time to settle. This is quite normal, but make an appointment to see your GP and check if they want to review your medications.

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