Can you take fish antibiotics for a UTI?

Don’t answer the question unless you actually know. I mean -know-, not just spout ‘it’s fish meds you’re human you can’t’. Anyways, I’ve recently moved, looking for a job, and I have no insurance. I’ve had the symptoms of a UTI (I’ve had one before, many years ago) over the last two days. Drinking lots of water and whatnot to keep myself flushed out. I’ve been looking online for alternatives to going to the doctor and treating it - as of right now I don’t have the income to pay for a visit, nor for meds. Most clinics will turn you away just because of that. I have read several articles on websites that people can take fish antibiotics for a variety of things, given the proper dosage. One such is Fish Mox Forte 500mg, and is Amoxicillin, which is a common medicine used to treat UTI’s. Many articles have stated that the fish antibiotics (as well as a lot of other veterinary “medicines”) are just human medicines given in smaller dosages. I understand the dangers of not taking the proper dosages, so you don’t need to tell me about that. Anyways, has anyone used fish antibiotics? Whether for a UTI or another infection? I’d appreciate input. Thanks.