Can you treat your sweaty hands and feet naturally?


Cornstarch works similar to talcum powder and stops sweaty hands and feet instantly. Dust your hands and feet with some cornstarch powder. Let it stay for half an hour and then wash it off. It absorbs the sweat and keeps them dry.

Lemon Juice

Another effective remedy to keep sweat away is to apply lemon juice using cotton balls. If you have sensitive skin, add a little amount of water to it. An additional benefit of using this remedy is that lemon has a sweet-sour fragrance which acts as a natural deodorant.

A mixture of lemon juice and vodka can also be rubbed on hands, but remember to wash it after 20 minutes.
Alternatively, mix lime juice and salt, and rub it gently until it gets dry. This remedy slows down the activity of the sweat glands.

Fuller’s Earth

It is used for providing a soothing and cooling effect to the body, especially in summers. It can be applied to hands and feet for 15 minutes and washed off later. This remedy deposits a layer of natural minerals on the sweat glands of your hands and feet, thereby reducing sweating