cellulite how long to get rid of it

Cellulite is not easily treated. In fact, there is only one new procedure that has shown some improvement, but it may not be permanent.
Cellulite is caused by protrusion of fat and tissue through the net-like fibrous band that support the skin and underlying tissue.

Over 90% of women have some level of cellulite
Having cellulite does not mean that you are fat; very thin women can have cellulite
Exercise and diet can reduce some body fat, which can make dimpling less obvious.
Exercise can increase muscle tone, which can make legs appear smoother.

Topical creams with caffeine can dehydrate skin and temporarily make it appear smoother.
Massage can temporarily stretch out the fibrous bands, so that the dimpling appears less obvious.
Celfina is a procedure that involves sucking up sections of the skin and tissue and cutting the fibrous bands, to release the fat and tissue, so that is sits smoother and becomes less dimpled.

Nobody knows it how long it will take time, but, you still have to keep trying. Exercise and use of cellulite product can find a way. Cellmaxa is a cellulite treating cream and is a medical grade product and is really effective. It minimize the appearance of cellulite and also shrink fats.