cellulite was kann ich tun

The only way to strengthen the connective and adipose tissue is to strengthen the underlying muscles. And these are not the great thigh muscles or gluteal muscles, but fine muscle groups that lie directly underneath the connective tissue. Therefore, unfortunately, no standard exercises, which can be done in the gym. Even daily sports, jogging, swimming or other activities can not train these muscle groups.

With special exercises, however , it is possible to irritate exactly the muscles, which are responsible for the cellulite. After doing these exercises for the first time, I felt a muscle sore that I never thought possible. I immediately noticed how I activated muscles that probably did not really exist anymore. As if I had awakened her from a sleepy sleep

the only thing that helps against cellulite are special exercises in the right combination. The combination is therefore so important to give the muscles the opportunity to develop and spread. Once this “mode” is activated, the external appearance will change rapidly in all affected regions and cellulite will disappear completely.

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