cellulite was tun dagegen

The first route usually leads to a beautician who presents a huge selection of creams, lotions and even tablets. This is often the beginning of the suffering of women who want to treat their cellulite. From one non-functioning method to the next, one becomes more and more convinced every year by the assumption that nothing can help against cellulite.

An apple helps against cellulite. Or, a cold shower helps against cellulite, to expensive laser treatments, which put tissues under the skin and thus the cellulite want to announce the fight. All these methods have one thing in common: they do not work

you should be aware that most cellulite therapies are not capable of treating the cause. Cellulite is not a skin problem, it is only the external appearance, which is also compared with an orange . Much more is the problem far below the skin, namely in the connective and adipose tissue.

The only way to strengthen the connective and adipose tissue is to strengthen the underlying muscles. And these are not the great thigh muscles or gluteal muscles, but fine muscle groups that lie directly underneath the connective tissue. Therefore, unfortunately, no standard exercises, which can be done in the gym. Even daily sports, jogging, swimming or other activities can not train these muscle groups.