cellulite when losing weight

Mine didn’t go away, but I found that in addition to losing weight that squats have helped reduce the appearance. If the muscles get bigger under the fat it can sometimes round things out a bit. Not a cure but it’s turned my jiggly booty into one that is less jiggly.

It may get less noticeable as your overall body fat percentage decreases, but it probably won’t go away entirely. Some people are just prone to developing cellulite, and those people don’t even have to be overweight for cellulite to show up. Unfortunately there aren’t any proven methods for treating/removing it.

From what I understand (and I may be talking out of my ass here) is that cellulite is genetic. So, even if you lose a ton of weight, it’s possible that you may still have it.

Think of it like buttons on a couch. Some buttons sink in very deep, some are more shallow. This is analogous to the length of connective tissues under your skin. This is something you’re born with, and can’t be changed.

However, if you remove some of the stuffing, (i.e. lose fat) the appearance of the dimples can be reduced.