chckd for hiv nd vdrl both non rectv. chckd for uti.2-3pus cell found.hving damag penis forskn nd red patches on penis

After sex I feel burning sensation in was unprotected.
Went to doc nd got checked for hiv and vdrl both negative.nd did urine test and found 2-3 pus cells in urine.after some days suffering from red patch on penis anddamage foreskin bleeding a little bit and a yellowish substance under the foreskin. And now having a slight fever.
Plz help what should I do.

Most probably it may be due to genital herpes. See doctor.
Although there is no cure for genital herpes your doctor may prescribe one of antiviral medicines to treat and help prevent future episodes of genital herpes.
Keep the sores clean and dry. Wash your hands thoroughly after applying treatment or touching the infected area.