Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

I have suffered for over 11 years now with what they call Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. The right thumb has no sensation on the top of it and I have very painful electrical pulses type symptoms in the next finger and all the way up to my elbow. To touch it is so very painful also, there is also what I would describe as a burning sensation to my arm also. Life is difficult with this, can’t do much with my right arm - can’t put pressure on it and most things have to be attempted with my left arm. I am on lots of medication and have been for 11 years, which can’t be doing me good. Do you have any suggestions across the board as to what can help me.

I have found high doses of buffered vit. C, B-12, and french’s yellow mustard (before bed) helps me tremendously. The yellow mustard stops the leg cramps. Google it and read about it.