cosentyx secukinumab what you should know

We know injecting can be challenging. That’s why we have reinforcement tools and information to help you feel more comfortable, after your healthcare professional shows you or your caregiver the proper way to take COSENTYX®.

The injection demonstration videos reinforce what you have already learned from your healthcare provider and show the Instructions for Use from start to finish.

Use COSENTYX exactly as prescribed by your healthcare provider.
If your healthcare provider decides that you or a caregiver may give your injections of COSENTYX at home, you should receive training on the right way to prepare and inject COSENTYX.
Do not try to inject COSENTYX yourself, until you or your caregiver has been shown how to inject COSENTYX by your healthcare provider.
If you have not already received training from your healthcare provider, please contact them directly.

Be sure that you read, understand, and follow the Instructions for Use and Medication Guide before injecting COSENTYX.