creative at home workouts you can do today

ChaiseFitness: Inventive Theraband Exercises

Like WIMBERLEAN, ChaiseFitness uses bands as resistance, but rather than the smaller, looped bands, these workouts use long, flat Therabands. Pick one up for about $10 from a sporting goods store, and follow along with the inventive exercises developed by founder Rachel Piskin, a former dancer. With a combination of higher-intensity cardio exercises, dance-inspired movements, and small isolations, this is a great all-round workout to supplement a more traditional strength-training program.

Hop Into Health With a Mini-Trampoline Workout

You may not have touched a trampoline since childhood, but now’s the time to get started. Mini trampolines are a great way to enjoy a home-based cardio workout without placing as much stress on your lower body as you do during running, step exercise, or kickboxing routines. If you’re an avid runner and looking for a way to reduce the impact on your joints, check out this routine provided by Jakub Novotny, a master trainer a master trainer and spokesman for the Jumping Fitness trampolining studio.

How to Turn a Skateboard Into a Workout Tool

If you have a skateboard lying around your house, then it’s time to put it to work. Ky Evans, the Master Trainer and programmer of The Studio (MDR), developed a whole workout around a skateboard that’s designed to enhance strength, balance, and coordination. The skateboard has properties similar to the Megaformers found at Evans’ studio, so this workout can give you a taste of what you can expect to experience when attending a Pilates-style class at studios that use the Megaformer.