dick erection in the morning

Hi. This is ashu. I have just turned 27 two days ago. Absuletly fit in every aspect. Just that when i get up in the morning my dick has not been getting erect and its been like almost 5 years now. I have had a very healthy sex life till 24 since then i have left everything behind to get my business settle so now i am just little confused that is it ok or else i need to do something. Kindly help me. That will be highly apprrciated. God bless.

Here are some tips:

If you smoke, stop smoking.

Cut down on alcohol.

Take adequate rest.

Try to reduce stress.

Do regular exercise.

Do kegel exercise which may improve erectile dysfunction.

Have food rich in vitamin E such as wheat germ, green leafy vegetables, almonds, avocado.

Modifying your lifestyle will surely work. Regular exercise is crucial for stimulating blood flow, reducing stress, and unclogging arteries, all of which increases sexual performance. Find an exercise that you can enjoy and practice it atleast four times a week.