Did ancient Greeks meditate?

The practice of meditating is praised often for its many health benefits! While common to many cultures, it’s not a practice often talked about in the modern day Greek community. There are probably plenty of Greeks that do practice various forms of meditation as part of their daily routine. Yet many seem to be somewhat resistant and or dismissive towards it.

One reason is that people believe that the sole purpose of meditating daily is to become a skilled meditator. This is not the goal. What many don’t realize is that meditating daily encompasses an additional purpose: helping you instill a healthy habit into your daily routine. This ultimately allows you to more easily implement other healthy habits.

In other words, the goal of meditating daily is NOT for you to become a levitating Greek yogi. The goal is to experience the benefits associated from the habit of meditating.

Once you instill the habit, that means that you have consistently committed to some type of health empowering technique and this commitment and consistency will help you do the same for your other health-related goals