do cellulite machines work

The process of improvement of the definition, shape and smoothness of the human physique is called body contouring. In earlier days, doctors performed body contouring through invasive procedures such as liposuction. However, there are quite a few side-effects of liposuction including anesthesia complications, infections and even death.

technology has evolved to give way to non-invasive techniques for body shaping. These modalities focus on targeting specific physical properties of fat so it can be selectively removed. However, the question remains, do these non-invasive methods really work? Read below to learn about the different body contouring technologies and what you should look for when opting for one.

Cryolipolysis, in regular words, is the removal or ‘lysis’ of fat or ‘lipo’ through freezing (cryo). Essentially, fat is more susceptible to cold than the surrounding tissue, so through cryolipolysis, fat cells can be induced to die on their own without affecting nearby structures. Some common machines that use this type of technology are known as CoolSculpting or CoolTech.

this technology theoretically works by using a 635 nm laser to create a hole in the fat cell, ultimately causing it to deflate. Then, the lipids or fat is carried away by the body’s natural systemic flow and excreted. Common machines with this technology are known as i-Lipo or Zerona.