do cellulite scrubs work

researchers have been working tooth and nail, in an attempt to find a remedy that eliminates cellulites completely, but to no avail. They have however come close enough with some formulations that give relief off of the unpleasant natural menace, cellulite.

Such include the different varieties of body scrubs. Hellen West continues to explain that though cellulite is not a medical condition, it is seen as unsightly and undesirable which In turn will lead to stress and anxiety. The only known remedy for cellulite is prevention through healthy eating and the right exercise.

Scrubbing With Ground Coffee

“Though using ground coffee can be of some help, it does not provide a permanent solution”, explains Dr. Mona Gohara. Ground coffee is a known antioxidant which means that it produces collagens. Dr. Mona continues to explain that the coffee enables dilation while the massaging of the affected area stimulates blood flow, which reduces the appearance of cellulites.

The Formula For Coffee Scrub Is:

¼ cup ground coffee.
¾ tablespoons water
2 tablespoons of olive oil

Stir the water and coffee to make a paste, add the olive oil to smoothen it and help it spread easily than using either your hands or a wet cloth, massage through the affected area for roughly 4 minutes. Rinse off with warm water then moisturize.

The effects, however, last about a week. This is a quick fix for a weekend outing where you intend to wear something short that exposes the affected areas. According to the beauty expert Renee Loux. It works moderately.