Does castor oil help arthritis?

One can use castor oil in the following three ways to get its maximum benefits:

Topical application
Castor oil pack
Castor oil in tea

  1. Topical Application:

This one is a simple method where one has to apply castor oil on the affected area. Leave the oil for close to 5 to 10 minutes. Usually, those who suffer from joint pains in hands adopt this style of application.

  1. Castor Oil Pack:

Castor oil pack is used to relieve one of back pain. Following is the method of using a castor oil pack:

Take cold-pressed castor oil. It is easily found in supermarkets. Take a flannel material to make an oil pack from it. Fold it multiple times to ensure it is thick. Now, soak the pack in castor oil. The next step is to place the castor oil soaked pack on the affected area, which is usually the knee or the ankle.

After you place the thick pack, place a heat source on it. The heat source like a hot water bag ensures that the inflamed tissues of the joints absorb the minerals from the oil.

Leave the arrangement for about 45 to 60 minutes. Sometimes, if the duration doesn’t show any result, the time can be extended to one and a half hours.

Repeat the process for four consecutive days. Take the fifth day off and repeat the cycle, yet again for four days.

Interestingly, one can use the pack more than once. All that one has to do is to store the castor oil pack in the refrigerator. One can use Ziploc pack for the purpose. Every time one needs to use the pack, take it out of the cold storage and add a few tablespoons of natural oil to it. Let it come to room temperature and then use it.