does colon cleanse hurt

.Your colon is self-cleansing. There is no need to use colon cleansing products unless your doctor recommends it. They are a waste of money and a gimmick. Yes, you should eat healthy, plenty of fiber (that’s what helps keep your colon healthy and cleaned out) and drink plenty of water. That’s all you need to do.

See the source link on mayo clinic article regarding colon cleansing…and do some further research if you want to get a good idea whether it’s a healthy practice or not.

Unless you have diverticulitis, or some other intestinal or GI problem, you should safely be able to do a colon cleans at home. You may want to take some time off from work, or your regular routine to properly prepare which I will define: 1. raw foods diet, mainly vegetables and some fruits, or soups/lightly cooked. 2. bathroom nearby 3. Castor oil pack or heating pad for tummy 4. visit to colon hydrotherapist if betonite clay gets stuck or if you are trying to pass extremely impacted matter. If you are doing an Arise and Shine cleanse, there are plenty of great resources. Bernard Jensen is a favorite/classic on bowel health and cleansing. Best to you,

No it doesn’t hurt but after you’ve used a colon cleanse you’ll feel relieved.

Try Bromalite which is considered the best colon cleanse I ever came across. It is effective to it’s core. Helps to cleanse the colon, get rid of any parasitic presence inside the colon and at the same time relieve the users from stress. It has a natural composition which contains probiotic and antioxidants to create a feeling of wellness. It helps reduce fats and help to discard the harmful deposits from our body without any side effects.

There is no health benefit to colon cleansing, in fact they can be dangerous! They do not help you lose weight, any weight loss is temporary and will return within a couple of days. No fat is lost, just water and bowel contents