does hyland cold and cough work

We’ve got a heckuva cold here, and I am one who will give my children medicine if it is made for kids and it makes them feel better. But since now we can’t use a whole lot of the medicines we used to be able to give our little guys—I saw this Hyland’s stuff and bought it and just gave it to LO, crossing my fingers that it works.

It says it has herbs and such for runny nose, coughing, etc, and supposedly help with sleeplessness.

I’m not holding my breath since it is herbal, but just wondered if it has helped anyone. I used to try the Hyland’s teething tablets but they didn’t really do anything for ODS. When YDS was teething, they had that scare with them, so I didn’t buy them.

I can’t WAIT until LO (little one) can have real medicine to help him. I HATED when I was pregnant and wouldn’t take any cold medicine when I was sick–I was miserable! So I know how it feels!