does strip body cleanser work

Strip NC does not clean your system of drugs… It only holds the drug back when you urinate. You are supposed to drink it 2 hours before testing and urinate 2 times before the urine test. 3rd urine should be the one used for testing.

have just recently tried this to pass a screen. I did not smoke for 60 hours prior to the test. I weigh 175 lbs, and smoke about 3-4 times a week. I followed the directions on the bottle, and drank extra water. This product DOES NOT WORK! Buyer beware.

I’ve smoked the night before, used strip 2 hours before my test. Drink the hell out of water, adn you should be good. Just drink that water baby. I’ve been on probation for 1 1/2 years, and its worked for 4 of my tests. Oddly enough my last test is tomorrow, and I plan pon using strip… Ill post again tomorrow with the results. But I’m about 99% sure I’ll pass. 4 times before I had no problem

Strip does not clean the system. It is only used for THC and holds the drug back in your system when you urinate for a drug test. You are supposed to take it 1-3 hours prior to the test and test with the 3rd urine after drinking Strip Cleanser. THC will still be in your system.