Does the kombucha mushroom produce glucuronic acid?

The kombucha tea will be naturally more sour the longer the ferment, or until its refridgerated.

The higher the temperature the greater the sharpness

The lower the temperature (especially below 70F) the greater percentage / possibility of Lactic Acid production, less sharp, less bite. less glucronic acid.

The longer time you allow the Green Tea to steep the greater the bitterness.

The longer time you allow Black Tea to steep, the higher the purine level and the more active the yeasts

If you’re using a Oak (wood) cask or oak chips you’ll have a more buttery smoother, richer taste (depending upon variety of wood)

The quality of the water, hardness, softness, mineral content, oxygen levels, set the overall quality, (carbonation, for one example)

Specific Gravity and pH are benchmarks for the above combinations.

Those are what we refer to as the “basics” .

Second Stage fermenting, bottling and Chill proofing, Filtering, Clarifying, Herbs, Continuous Brewing, are additional techniques that create uniqueness in one’s brew