Edema, heart failure

My fiance is suffering from congestive heart failure and had a pacemaker placed in his heart . He is faithfully on medication daily. Hr has hit his leg several times recently. For the last 3 days his one leg has been hurting red and swelling. He says it has to be edema. What can I do to help relieve his pain and swelling? What are some at hime remedies that will give quick results for comfort and reduce the swelling and redness?


Here are few tips:

Cut back on sodium(salt) which is the biggest dietary culprit in causing fluid retention. Read the labels before eating. For e.g. canned foods are mostly high in sodium.

Monitor fluid intake which includes water, sodas, juices, coffee and tea or any other kind of fluid. Follow your doctor’s instructions on fluid intake. If a fluid restriction is ordered by doctor, stick to it. Everyone needs a certain amount of fluids daily to maintain body functions and not become dehydrated. Don’t avoid all liquids thinking that will stop the edema which can be more harmful.

Stop smoking if smokes and don’t drink alcohol.

Ask doctor if he can massage lower extremities with firm (not painful) pressure upward toward heart to help move excess fluid out and whether can wear compression stockings.

Raise legs above heart level for half an hour, several times a day.

Do not sit for long periods of time which can promote swelling in the feet and legs.

If overweight, try to lose some weight. This will lessen the workload of the heart.

Be active. Weight bearing exercise such as walking will actually help the muscles in your legs pump the blood—and excess fluid, back to the heart. Ask doctor about exercise program is right.

Try to reduce stress which can make heart failure worse, since the heart is already having trouble meeting the body’s demands. Spend time with family and friends. Take enough rest.

Please follow the instruction and medication prescribed by the doctor.

Please check with your physician before implementing any changes.

Monitor weight, call your doctor if he has gain weight more than 2-3 pounds in one day or 5 pounds in a week!

Making lifestyle changes can often help relieve signs and symptoms of heart failure and can prevent the disease from worsening.


Thank you so kindly…Now the issue is how to get a stubborn man to listen…hahaha…Men can be so set in their ways sometimes and its like you can research and read and fund answers to the issue or problem but when you try to explain to them anything they look at you like what? And then respond with no its nit what you say…but i have this and that…oh did you know that I dont need that…and on and on it goes…well anyways sara GOD bless you and thank you so much for answering me …I appriciate your time and attention as well as your input…YOU are a blessing…