effects of backstabbing

Suspicion and mistrust
Each time you see colleagues discussing in hushed tones about something and dutifully changing the subject or keeping quiet when you arrive, it’s likely that you’ll think they are discussing you even when they could have been talking about something totally different. And when they start again the minute you turn your back, punctuating their conversation with laughter, you’ll think, ‘that must be about me, no doubt.’
Just that thought can make you self-conscious and moody, throwing you off-balance for the rest of the day or week as you wonder about what they were discussing this time instead of concentrating on your work.

Resentment and hatred
Suspicion and mistrust can easily lead to resentment especially when you learn that actually, you are the object of ridicule and entertainment for those particular workmates. It becomes difficult to be nice and courteous to them and this can result in enmity and hostility. Hostilities can mean that it’s impossible to work on any other project as a team however much you try.

Unhealthy competition
In such an environment, each person is likely to sabotage the other and celebrate their failures. For example the other will have a very good day and be very excited when the ‘enemy’ is scolded for not meeting targets yet as work mates, the success of the organisation should be the ultimate goal of everyone involved. With our African society where people believe in witchcraft, its common for people to resort to witch doctors in an effort to make the other lose their job, get demoted or get some form of ill fortune. These accusations are bound to arise at least.