favorite ways to relax before bedtime and improve sleep

Many people read before bed. Ideally, this would not occur in the bed, as it may contribute to insomnia. However, many people get away with it without consequence. Magazines are a nice option with short articles that can be put aside when sleepiness arrives. Pleasure reading of books is ideal rather than any work-related materials. When you start to read the same sentence over and over because it’s not sinking in, it’s probably time to turn out the lights and go to sleep.

Prayer or meditation
Engaging in rote prayers or meditative mantras can calm the mind. These can be specific to your religious preference. Some people use guided imagery to relax. There are resources available in books and online that provide further recommendations.

Listening to music
It can be wonderfully relaxing to listen to music before bedtime. The genre choice should depend on your personal preference, but classical music is soothing and calming to many people. There are also many nature sounds CDs and apps that can be utilized.

Watching TV or a movie
At the end of the day, it can be nice to relax while lying on the couch or sitting in an easy chair and watching a little television. Don’t select a program that is too exciting or lasts too late into the night. If you watch a favorite movie, you will likely be less enthralled due to its familiar nature, making it easier to transition to bed when it is time. It may be best to avoid light exposure from screens that are close to your eyes.

Taking a bath or a shower
There is evidence that a warm bath or shower before bed can aid sleep. As for children, it can be part of a healthy bedtime routine.

Body temperature can have important impacts on sleep, and bathing can influence this in the evening.