Fentenyl Addiction Help?

I have been on the fentenyl patch (100mg) for several years. I have had several back and neck surgeries and I use these for pain relief. It is the only option that I have found that actually controls my pain. I have tried to ween myself off of these, but when I drop the dosage or mg’s I start having uncontrollable twitching, slinging of arms and feet, severe irritability and it feels like my insides are trying to jump through my body. The muscle spasms, insomnia and irritability make me so physical and mentally exhausted. What can I do to alleviate these symptoms? Are these withdrawal symptoms? Please help, these patches are killing me, so are the withdraw symptoms. Thanks

You have fentanyl addiction and the symptoms are withdrawal symptoms. Please find nearby rehab centers for opiate addiction and get immediate help.

Ask the prescribing dr to wean you down slowly. DO NOT DO THIS ALONE! The effects of trying this on your own are a bundle of problems in and of itself.
Trust me … tell your doctor you want to talk about coming down on the meds. They’ll be happy to help